In 2016 a small group of racing enthusiasts founded the league community BayPirates Racing for RaceRoom. After many years of good cooperation with the community it was time for the next step.

With the entry into the world of iRacing the team GetPole Racing was founded at the end of 2019.

Sim Racing Team

for iracing, ACC, raceroom

List will be updated soon.

Yves Kircher,
Robin Amann,
Siggi Lentes (hc_diZee),
Stephan Hilpert,
Markus Mantor,
Nikolai Richters,
Nico Kambartel


We hire drivers
Wenn du leidenschaftlich fährst, Endurance Serie liebst und unsere Fahrermentalität repräsentieren möchtest, dann zögere nicht Kontakt mit uns aufzunehmen​