Reinhard Hiebl


Personal Info


All started with GrandPrix 1 from Microprose around 1993.

The passion for simracing started with GTR1 from Simbin.
Someone asked me on a public server, if i will drive in leagues?

I will make it as short a can ūüėÄ …
From now (2019) i was admin and leauge mangager in 3 different communities/leagues.
I drove nearly every racing game in the past.
There are also several breaks in between in which I did not drive anything. 
The biggest break was from 2007 to 2017 because of my self employment.

Since 2017 i’ve been driving actively again in RaceRoom Racing Experience¬†and was part of the Bay Pirates Racing League as Driver and after some time agian as league admin.

Then I made the decision to cancel this journey as league admin, 
because it’s to much work and hard to find a full replacemant.

Since mid 2019 the narrow circle of drivers from Bay Pirates Racing
started as an Racing Team (GetPole Racing) to drive and have fun together.

Now i race the game mainly in iRacing and sometimes in RaceRoom or other simulations.

See ya on track,
Reinhard aka OverTheClock.

BPRL Multiclass League Season 4 #3 DTM
iRacing VLN Endurance 2019 #4 Audi R8 GT3
Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS eCup #13 Audi R8 (Pro-Am)

BPRL WTCC Season 4  #2 WTCC

BPRL DTM Season 2 #1 DTM

BPRL DTM Season 1 #1 DTM

Virtualracing Porsche Cup Meister #1 Porsche Cup