Sergio da Silva Estevam


Personal Info

  • 1985 born
  • Simracing since 2017
  • Portugal
  • Car: Is it drivable.. then keys please
  • Simulation: iRacing, Flatout2


  • Thrustmaster T300 Base
  • TH Open Rim
  • DIY Wood Rig with Honda Civic Seat
  • Oculus Rift VR

GetPole mascot and team clown.
Always a saying on the lips.
Live and let live, or just think like me, then it fits!

No zerdsch? No Party!

I drive for joy.
I’m not interested in cars or their technology. What attracts me is the fact that I can compete with others!
If I had the choice between a boring first place and a hard and horny fight for the second last… …I would not choose the first place!

iRacing BMW 12.0 Challange #wayne – only 1 inc